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The place for blurred photographs is often the basket of the trash, because normally they are considered an error. The images deliberately moved have instead a better fortune because they can render more obvious such particularitities of the subjects and for this they succeed to better transmit an emotion. The movement of the subjects in motion, and also that of the immovable subjects, can give more thrill, increasing the visual impact of one scene, above all in the color. Rather than to block the subject with a fast exposure, its movement can be followed with a suddenly slower time, and if the subject doesn’t move the camera can do it. The control of the intensity and the shadings of this effect must be adapted to the different situations until obtaining images vibrating to the limits of the impressionism and futurism.
Every shot is unique and irripetibile since it is impossible to make two equal ones: it is like to return at our beginnings, when to see the success or not of an image we had to wait for its return from the laboratory (but with digital you can verify immediatly). Sure there is always the risk that with the perseverance you are able to establish some rules in order to obtain particular outcomes, and therefore repetitions and the déjà vu: as it had to say Ernst Haas, the master of the movement, "the formulas are the dead of all". But the truly creative persons know very well that rules exist also for being infringed, and it’s just from these transgressions that springs the most amazing shots.