From Friday 3th to Sunday, July 5, 2015 - Teacher: Claudio Marcozzi

World Heritage Site, Arles is a city with many souls. The Roman, the Provençal, the gypsy, the Arab, with many intermediate shades ranging from Van Gogh to Lucien Clergue, founder of the international meetings of photography.

Of the Roman city, the nerve center along the Via Aurelia when cross the Rhone river, retains impressive traces: the Ancient Theatre and the Arena, opened for shows and bullfights, and the necropolis of the Alyscamps , as well as various elements scattered in the Place du Forum and SPAs. The soul of Provence will be evident during the days of the workshop with an evening of traditional Pegoulado, the feast of the costume and the gardian of the Camargue with their bulls. For the gypsy soul just mention the Gipsy Kings, while the Arab is to be found especially in the neighborhood of the Roquette. Vincent Van Gogh lived here two years (1888-1889), dazzled by the light of the south and its violent colors and producing masterpieces known worldwide. The same light that has bewitched the Dutch genius become the ink of the photographers who learn to use it for their own purposes.

And then the Rencontres, the 46th edition, the largest and most famous festival of photography in the world. This year from July 6.