PostHeaderIcon Seasons (1986-1993)

How many Marcozzi's seasons are? Sure much more of the four normal ones, since his images propose to us many versions through one chromatic palette in which rejoice all the possible shadings of the rainbow. On the thread of the enchanted memories of the childhood, the photographer faces the topic of the forest, and the nature in a generalized manner, by using declared impressionistic terms, giving life to images in which the programmatic denial of the descriptive clearness tends to privilege exclusively the colouristic aspects. Nearly that the trees, the fields ones, flowers and leaves represents only a contingent reason, necessary but for null sufficient, destined to dissolve in one passionate searching for athmosphere.
Tributary of the painting insofar as renunciation to some of the specific elements of the photographic language (the clearness of the vision as an example) the photography of Marcozzi, with its intangible vibrations that send back to an obvious musicality, becomes part in that wide "contemplative" tradition aiming directly at the poetry and the rarefied aesthetic emotion.
That happens through an elaborated procedure and testify of the obstinate search by the author for a writing that avoids accidental outcomes, even if intriguers, and that concurs instead to calibrate every effect, every chromatic "invention", on the pattern of his inner vision.
Lanfranco Colombo, Milan 1993 (Il Diaframma - Kodak Cultura Gallery)