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"I have never been to Scanno and I don’t think I want to go there...
Too many Saints in my personal heaven have performed miracles there: Cartier-Bresson, Giacomelli, Berengo Gardin.
Best avoid temptations, comparisons, defeats".

(Ferdinando Scianna, from the preface to the book "Scanno" of Giovanni Bucci).

But then, in a snowy spring of 1999 he has ended to go, he too, on the tracks of Cartier-Bresson, along a route that by now we can really call a pilgrimage. Turning through the village we recognize places, we understand the works of those that have been here before, thinking with a little sorrow to what is disappeared and we cannot find anymore. But everyone must be the reporter of his own age, interpreter possibly, without looking for the stereotype and “déja vu”. Everyone is free to follow his own way of study and search in order to reach personal conclusions. Scanno is a school, a test bench rewardings who is approaching in silence. But also those succeeding to camouflage themselves in the uproar have their possibilities because poetry can be hidden everywhere, we must recognize it and capture it. The following images, made for job, for fun or for a personal plan, are a small selection of my "pilgrimages" in the Sanctuary of Photography.