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June 27 to 30, 2012

Landscape photograpy through the Sibillini Mountains National Park, Italy

The Plain of Castelluccio is a place of splendour and magic. Surrounded by the Sibillini Mountains at 1250 m. on the sea level, the village of Castelluccio dominates from its 1450 meters. It is a karstic plateau system ( Great, Little and Lost Plains) and is a true Paradise for photographers, an important arena for people keen on landscape photography. The director Franco Zeffirelli has come up there to turn the exteriors of "Fratello Sole, Sorella Luna", the film on the life of St. Francis, while today it is frequently a location for any kind of advertising and TV spots. You can arrive here from the west rising from Norcia, from north through Visso and the Pass of Gualdo, from south via Arquata del Tronto (Salaria road) and Forca di Presta. When you come down to the plains you feel to be in a place outside from the world, immersed in a sacred silent, only broken by far echoes. The sense of the space gets lost: from the Pass of Forca di Presta to the Pass of Norcia there are 11 kilometers! Always you can find here something of interesting (with right keen eyes), but the best period is that of the full bloom, from May to July.

Workshop time will be a real full immersion in the landscape for being always in the right place with the right light, from the morning fogs until the grazing beams of the evening (and by night too). Behind the village there is the Mt. Vettore, called the "factory of the clouds", rising in the late morning to create passing contrasts that we'll be able to catch straight. The theoretical side of the workshop will comprise the study of the natural light (quality, impact, dominant, modulation, exposure) during all hours of the day and in relation with the characteristics of the territory; the framing and image composition (distribution of lines, shapes, colors and texture) and the psychology of visual perception, whose knowledge is essential to be able to produce images with strong impact and secure grip to the public. Because not just a nice subject or location is enough to make beautiful photographs.

And then we'll enjoy the sliding of life on the plains: herds crossing, working peasants, horsemen riding, para-gliders circling in the air...



June 27: at 7:30pm meeting of photographers at Taverna  Castelluccio, dinner and presentation of the workshop. Slide show and lecture by Claudio Marcozzi (two evenings).

June 28-30: at work through the plains, hills and fields. At 6:00h in the morning ready to work.  9:00-9:30 breakfast. Shooting till 13:00. Free time till 17:00, then shooting again until sunset. Dinner. Shots by night too. Our plan will be decided according to the lights of the day, and will include discussion time and picture reading. Don't forget tripod and pola filter, batteries, memory cards or films (more than you think might be sufficient) and sun protective cream! Your personal notebook, if you want share and discuss your work. Mountain clothing, after sunset the air grown cool.


Entry fee: 300 euro (tuition cost, certificate of participation).

Workshops will run with a minimum of 5 and max 15 photographers.

Registration by sending 150 euro, bank transfer IBAN:  IT65 Q061 5069 660C C017 1007 128.

Settlement at the start of the workshop. Send registration to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Stay expenses are extra, please book rooms using the following links (as soon as possible, the village is very little and during flowering time all can be full).


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